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Sub-Domains of Alawebs.net

Let me make a website for your business just like I did for these businesses above. This website "Alawebs.net" is owned by me David Pritchett of Pritchett Web Design - a web designer in Montgomery Alabama. A few of the websites above are hosted as a sub-domain of this website. This is the purpose of Alawebs.net. I use this website to make and host websites for people who do not want to get their own hosting service account. In no way will this hurt your search ranking, as most of these sub-domains rank on the first page of a local search return for that product or service. The web address of a sub-domain will look like this: http://yourbusiness.alawebs.net

Some of these websites were made a few years ago and are not mobile ready sites, meaning they will not look as good on all cell phones and some tablets. The new websites I make are mobile ready and will look good on all mobile devices.

I have made many other websites over the years that are still in operation but are not listed here. The oldest site I have in the list above is O.T. Davis Monument Company, which is a sub-domain of Alawebs.net. It is simple and basic but it has ranked in the #1 position of all search engines for monuments in Gainsville Florida from its beginning. This simple little website has brought customers in from all over America. People who have had relatives to pass and were buried in the Gainesville area have contacted O.T. Davis to supply the marker for their deceased loved one. Many people from all parts of the country have contacted him to upgrade the current marker on their loved one's grave. Needless to say, this simple unassuming website has been very profitable for this gentleman.

Folks, simple works every time it's tried. You do not need a website that is dripping with web technology, images and videos and everything else that's available. What visitors like the most is a website that is fast, has a familiar layout, is clean and orderly looking, is easy to read and use, and has good information. It isn't any more complicated than that.

The real magic of a website is that which you cannot see. It is the code that makes the website. It is vitally important for the code to be well written, otherwise the site will not rank well in searches and will not be able to be found in a search. Also, it will not perform well, which will cause visitors to leave almost as soon as they arrive. I write excellent code - nothing unnecessary and no redundancy. This is why the websites I make are fast and work well, and do well in searches.

I serve the Montgomery Alabama area and beyond. Contact Me Today and lets get started on your website.

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